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How Do I Use a Sea Sponge Tampon?

Sea Sponge Tampons Usage

Inserting a Sea Sponge Tampon

  1. Firstly, wash your hands.

  2. Wet the sponge with warm clean water to soften it, and drain out excess water until the sponge feels slightly damp.

  3. With your fingers, compress the sponge and gently insert it into your vagina until it feels secure and comfortable. (If you sit down and it feels like you’re sitting on a lump, your sponge is probably not in far enough. Try pushing it upwards a little more.)

  4. You will need to remove and clean the sponge every 3 hours or depending on your flow to prevent leakage. Use your fingers to feel the ends of the sponge and carefully remove it.

  5. Rinse the sponge with warm clean water, squeeze out excess water, and reinsert.

Trimming a Sea Sponge Tampon

If you feel that the sponge is too big for you, the sponge can be trimmed with a scissors to a custom size fit for you.

Before you start trimming, wet the sponge to soften it and squeeze out excess water. Never cut the sponge through the middle; instead, start by trimming around the perimeter of the sponge. Once you feel that it is down to the right size, insert the sponge into your vagina. The sponge should feel comfortable and unnoticeable. Repeat the the trimming process if necessary until you get the right fit.

If the surface of the sponge becomes ragged, never rip out the loose piece. Instead, trim it off with a pair of scissors.

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