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When I just opened the box, it came with a very detailed manual and a satin pouch containing the Lunette cup. My first time experience: I was weirded out and very nervous about using this, I mean putting it in my vagina and taking out and pouring the blood. But I really wanted to stop using pads so I just went with it. I eventually got used to the process, pouring out blood was not disgusting at all, you just sort of hmm, do it. I don't feel ANYTHING when I wear this, except when I didn't put it right (1st time user) then some adjustments will make it right. I love it, I love that I don't feel like I'm wearing anything, I love that I can finally run around the room naked with my boyfriend and not having awkward moments of putting new pads on. I love that I can wear a bikini and surf the whole day without worrying a soaked tampon. It's so much better for the environment, if you feel it's expensive think about how long you can use this thing. It's worth it, get it!

An interesting product I would recommend
Im pretty new at using the menstrual cup so Ill say that there is definitely much need for experiential adjustments. But I really do like the idea of the cup especially because of its environmentally-friendly nature. The cup is of obvious high quality silicone, and sits comfortably inside once I get the position right. Its convenient since I no longer need to bring sanitary pads, and I no longer have to suffer uncomfortable itches. This is definitely a product that I will recommend to friends \(^ ^)/
- Ellis

I bought a lunette model 1 (light blue) from liveloveluna, and I must say, it has been a very pleasant experience.
Firstly, my purchases came nicely packaged in a box, with a handwritten note. Love the personal touch! Then, after purchasing the menstrual cup, you can also join the Facebook group to get advice on usage of the item!
The sellers are such passionate advocates, it goes beyond just making sales. It's about the building of a community. Love the experience!
- Cheryl

Possibly the most beneficial lifestyle change I've made
Beneficial not just to myself but to the environment, shared resources, plumbing, sanitary services, the ecosystem... One of the best investments I've made in my over two decades of living on this Earth and I wish everyone would take the first step towards such freedom as well!
- Clarice

My first cup, my Goldilocks cup!
After hours and hours of scouring the internet for my perfect monthly companion, I finally chanced upon the Super Jennie on LiveLoveLuna, and am I glad I did. For someone who has no prior experience with the menstrual cup, using the Super Jennie made things extremely easy for me. Of course, there's a learning curve to overcome, but the trick is to relax, give yourself time and try out different types of folds/positions each time. Wear it out and review it after a few hours to see if there are any leaks. I had really small leaks the first few times I tried it, but I got the hang of it right on the third day. I could even go commando if I wanted to (but let's not be hasty)

Sleeping is the best part for me. I was free to sprawl in any position I wanted, which I couldn't if I wore the usual night pads. I had a spring-cleaning project in store for me during my period week and it really helped that I never had to worry about drenching my pad, leaking and changing it often.

The Super Jennie itself taught me that I do indeed have a heavy flow. I have a high cervix, and even then my cup was full after a mere few hours of putting it on on a heavy day. Bubbling is the tell-tale sign that it's time for a fix. It only ever happened once, and that was on my heaviest day. For people with less heavy flow, I'd say this is something you wouldn't have to worry about. The Super Jennie has one of the highest capacities in the market for a smaller-sized cup.

The Super Jennie is really soft, and so I don't feel any extra pressure on my bladder. However, it being soft doesn't make insertion and removal any less uncomfortable, especially for first timers. It realllly takes some getting used to, might even be a bit painful if you stress out halfway. But it's all worth it after the fuss. Really.

Thanks LiveLoveLuna for bringing this product in to Singapore! My periods have changed *forever* :)
- Nadia



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