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Reusable Sea Sponge Starter Kit | Jade & Pearl | LiveLoveLuna

Jade & Pearl

Jade & Pearl Sea Pearls Starter Kit


Sea Pearls are completely natural sea sponges that come from the ocean. A great deal of care is given to every single sponge, with each Sea Pearl washed, inspected, trimmed, and packaged by Jade & Pearl's expert sponge squad. The classic sponge is sourced from the Atlantic, Carribean and Bahamas.

Sea Pearls are:

  • extremely absorbent, soft, & durable
  • a naturally renewable resource
  • sustainably harvested
  • free of chemicals, dioxin, bleach, chlorine, fragrance, dyes or synthetic materials
  • reusable for up to 3-6 months or more


  • Dimensions: approx. 50 - 64mm (2 - 2.5")
  • Average Absorbency: 30 - 60ml
  • Each Starter Kit includes 2 Sea Pearls, a muslin storage bag, an informational insert, a Sponge Tote and tea tree oil 

Please note: Sea Pearls are not synthetically manufactured. Because sea sponges grow naturally, they vary by shape, size, color, and texture. The sponges you receive may not look as pictured on this page and may look different from your previous orders.

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